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With Pride events around the country cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, Pride Inside UK was been to make sure LGBTQ+ people still had visibility on the streets of the UK during Pride month. The campaign took over 1,200 digital billboards across the UK with images created by and featuring queer people celebrating Pride in their own individual way from their homes. Along with visibility of LGBTQ+ people in public spaces, Pride Inside UK also seeks to put LGBTQ+ people in control of the way they are represented in the media, and to raise money for the LGBT+ Consortium.

This merch features our mascot Pi! They’re called that because it’s an acronym of our name, but also to represent the infinite ways to be queer. All of the proceeds of this merch will go towards supporting the LGBT+ Consortium.

LGBT+ Consortium is the umbrella body for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ voluntary and community organisations across the UK. It has a membership of over 370 organisations ranging from the largest in the sector, with a core focus on grassroots, local LGBT+ initiatives. The Consortium works directly with organisations to support them to thrive and be successful, works with policy makers to keep LGBT+ issues high on the agenda, and actively identifies opportunities to bring new income sources into the LGBT+ sector and get funding to where it is needed the most and across the diversity of organisations working with LGBT+ people. 

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